Posted by: exodus | June 29, 2009

lemon fresh

Sorry for the lack of posts – I truly am. I’ve had my foot to the floor trying to get work, to little avail so far.

I have several firearms, ammo, reloading equipment, and my motorcycle that I have no choice but to sell. Good stuff too. Yeah it sucks but this isn’t the end of me; just probably the end of a certain era.

Ping me in comments if you are interested in my stuff – I’ll email you at the email address that you provide in the comment form. Unfortunately I don’t have time to ship stuff so local folks (or folks willing to travel a bit) are first priority.

This crap will turn around. I just have to keep my head above water until then… I’m makin’ lemonade by the drum over here.

And I hear where I’m headed ain’t half bad.



  1. Not that I’d want to take any of your stuff, but I understand your situation. Rock, meet hard place. 😦

    Drop me a line.

  2. Taking my stuff is what I *want* at this point… it simply must be done.

    Email sent…

  3. Same here as Hsoi. Hate to hear it but drop me a list as well. If nothing else we can list reloading shooting stuff through KRTraining if you’d like.

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  5. Hey, I appreciate it.

    Hsoi is preparing to run off with my reloading stuff – the whole she-bang. And OH what a deal he got.

    However, you are not forgotten and I have .44 Mag brass just for you. I still need to count it out but I’ve set it aside for you.

  6. If you do get around to shipping things (or if you can drop them off on the way to NC – I am between you and there), drop me a note.

  7. I live in Dallas. What have you got in ammo? I need .22LR, 9MM,.45ACP and .223 Rem.

  8. And I thank you. 🙂

  9. I feel your pain….My former employer closed their doors in Spring of ’08, only 3 weeks after the birth of my son. Took me 2 months to find a job, and that was 3 hours away. It hurt to leave, and we fought the relocation until recently.

    Anyway, shoot me an e-mail with a list of things you want to sell, and good luck in whatever you choose!

  10. I’ll shoot you an email here soon.

    I can assure you that leaving hurts. A whole, whole lot. It feels like a deep, deep defeat.

    I think the career switch is a wise one for me, but the forced nature of it is killing me.

  11. I’ve followed your blog for a while now and have enjoyed your perspective and commentary. I grok your (un)employment pain, too. Some pards of mine live fairly close by to you and I will forward your list to them if you like. We’d hate to lose a Texas Gunblogger to NC, but do what you gotta do to get by. They say ‘Texas is a State of Mind’ – move if you have to but keep on being a Texan.

  12. Thanks for the kind words!

    I have learned much during my time in Texas that I will always keep with me through the rest of my life – so in that sense I will forevermore be “part Texan.”

    I won’t give up this blog – so you’ll still hear from me. The “pause” in posting will end once things settle. (Right now things are anything but settled…)

    I’ll shoot you an email.

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  14. I am sorry to here about your difficult times. I wish things would improve soon.

    I am interested in your reload equipment for my husband. He is starting to do his own reloads. The department he works for has been threatening to make them pay for their own ammo to qualify if you can believe that.

    Good luck with everything!

  15. Howdy-

    Sorry for the late reply – I moved to NC in the interim. It took… some effort.

    The reloading gear is all sold – sorry. I’m equally sorry that your husband has to pay for his own ammo!

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