Posted by: exodus | August 5, 2009

the same but different

So I guess it was, oh, 2 weeks ago or so now that I finished* packing as best I could, and left central Texas for the ol’ North State.

Goodbye Taco Cabana, migas, good tamales and solar burnination. Hello Bojangles, liver mush, good pork BBQ and an actual winter.

As luck would have it, I got a job in one of the few growth industries left in this country – as a paralegal for a bankruptcy attorney. Let me just tell you – business is booming, especially in this area, where I know that the last unemployment number put it around 23% or more.

Whereas the last few months of my life were lived in impoverished, unemployed torpor, now I have a job where I shuffle mountains of paper (and quite a few ones and zeroes – computers are indeed everywhere) while financially destroyed people sob quietly in my downtown office in shell-shocked pallor.

I can relate… I was sliding straight to insolvency on ball bearings myself, mere weeks ago.

I am certainly busy (enough so that I haven’t gotten back to posting as I’d like, for sure) but it’s not all work here. I’m scheduled to take some life drawing classes downtown. That’s nude models yo! Ars gratia artis and all that. I have an excuse to look at nekkid folks and I’m going to make the most of it! I’m a thinkin’ man don’t you know.

Having access to a private boat slip and occasional use of the boat doesn’t hurt either, and for you Texans let me tell you that it may try, but it doesn’t get much over 90 here in August – certainly not for long. That’s change I can believe in.

The job generally requires most or all of my brain to fire on all cylinders for most or all of the day – very different, and certainly taxing.

I miss my Texas friends very much. (If you read this, this means you too.) I miss Texas, believe it or not. North Carolinians, with notable exceptions, are relatively somnambulent as regards issues of liberty; Texans generally fight for theirs. I think my work is cut out for me in that respect. I have to wake up the locals.

Also, I’ve had my nose to the grindstone for about 4 weeks so I’m sure I missed a few firearms-related political things – had to be done though. I’ll try to catch up and keep up as best I can.

For better or for worse… looks like I’ll be here for a while. If you ever come Carolina way, please let me know…

*I didn’t really finish – I just stopped. I got 95% of everything done and Katie and others mopped up – ’cause I had to go. One does not jeopardize a job opportunity in this climate. Thank you very much Katie.


  1. So, does that mean you’ll be posting a different picture at the top of your blog, seeing as you’ll be shooting at a different range?

    Anyway, welcome back to the land of the gainfully employed. And a supportive wife & family who are willing to finish pulling up stakes & move to unknown hinterlands with you.

    Count your blessings, and give thanks to Him who gave them to you.

  2. Sorry you had to leave the greatest place in the world, but bully for you for finding work. 🙂

  3. This is the perfect summer to not be in Austin.

  4. I am very grateful for having any kind of opportunity, let alone one with such promise. Not everyone gets to cleanly switch careers – especially in these times.

    I like that pic, but yeah – I should change it up sometime.

  5. Believe me when I say that I agonized over it. BUt ultimately it was a rational decision, albeit a tough one.

    Work had to come first. But aside from working at, say, STI, there’s not a more gun friendly workplace around – a huge bonus. I don’t have to be afraid I said “the wrong thing” and lose my job. It’s nice.

  6. I have two weatherbug widgets running on my desktop – one for here and one for Austin. I’ve been following the misery – I feel for you. But I can’t say I miss that.

    I do laugh when the locals start to wilt above 85 degrees though. When we go to Federal court in Wilkesboro, it’s usually below 70 in the morning.

  7. I’m looking forward to school and potential gainful employment and shopping for sweaters and waking up early to put on wool and go outside!

  8. I’m glad to hear you’re settling in well and things are going good for you.

    We miss you here. We’ll eat some tamales and drink a Shiner for you. 🙂

  9. Congratulations on the successful move. If you are ever over in the E.TN region, feel free to drop me a line :).

  10. Congrats on the gainful employment. I was in a similar (albeit smaller and without the nigh-impending destruction) boat without employment for several months.

    Fortunately, I snagged a great sysadmin gig and am recovering quickly enough that I will be able to afford the necessary round thing required to procure an engagement to my wonderfully patient red-headed lady in the near future.

    Sorry you had to leave Texas to do it, but congrats on the new living situation!

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