I find it strange and distressing that I live in what must CLEARLY be an alternate universe… one where the principle “self-defense is a human right” is somehow a minority opinion. Would that I were able to remedy this malaise with a single act; it’s going to take a lifetime of action to make a dent – and with the help of my friends, perhaps an unforgettable triumph is possible. Here’s to trying.

What I would like to do is:

  • Let the world see that American firearms owners are normal people
  • Combat the undeserved media bias against the individual right to own firearms
  • Come up with positive ideas about how to achieve the aforementioned goals
  • Disseminate information related to firearms ownership
  • Serve as an ambassador and friend to all interested parties, though this medium

With a bit of luck, dedication, and hard work, perhaps we can begin to pass through this dark time for freedom-minded individuals, and help realize a country where an individual right is truly no longer infringed.

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